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New Vestax DJ Controller Gets goes SUPER MINI! – Vestax VCI-300 plus Serato Itch

I missed the prepress on this one so I was kindof blown away when I got the ProSound Catalog the other day with this on the cover.

Vestax and Serato have joined forces.
Sharing their technology and compiled feedback from Pro DJ’fs and users from around the world, they have created a dedicated DJ USB MIDI / Audio system and software offering absolute control. 

The VCI-300 is a dedicated USB MIDI controller for the included Serato DJ software. It also comes with a built in audio interface with standard 4in/4out and headphone connection, which means all you need for DJing is the VCI-300, a laptop and a set of headphones.

Why is this a big deal?  Because Vestax makes SERIOUS dj equipment for serious DJs and now Serato has made a new program that will be the benchmark for tabletop DJing.  Serato Itch is a stripped down and revamped version of Scratch Live that is built with this controller and other forthcoming USB/MIDI controllers in mind.  I love my technics turntables but frequent gigging means lots of wear and tear and LOTS of moving these heavy things.  I’ll be touring with a hip-hop group in the spring and I’m definitely NOT looking forward to lugging those bad boys around.  Also, using Serato Scratch Live with control records is just a digital simulation of DJing with a really nice feel.

The VCI-300 is the first DJ controller that has high resolution MIDI that can send enough data to the computer to get a great scratching sound, meaning this is the first digital contoller that allows you to do everything you can do with real turntables PLUS get all of the benefits of a digital system.  M-Audio’s Torq uses the same idea, software designed to integrate well with the controller, but it is nowhere near the response and functionality of this thing.

Scratching Demo

ALSO,  Numark is getting in the DJ Controller game.  Looks like the NS7 is gonna use the same Serato software but with a larger “deluxe” spinning platter kindof interface.  I always thought it was pretty dumb that their CD turntables had a spinning motor in it, but since switching to SSL, it no longer seems so stupid to have a spinning turntable that doesn’t actual have a real record on it.  Its all about the “feel” man!

One last side note….Anybody from Vestax who might be reading this….

What the heck happened to THIS THING????

Pro Audio Star is carrying the VCI-300.  Check out their prices here.


The Art Of DJing Workshop @ Creative Alliance

Ridiculous DJ Academy presents our first collaboration with The Creative Alliance, the unique and fantastic multi-purpose arts center at the historic Patterson theatre (map).   The workshop will be a 3 hour introduction to all things relating to REAL Djing.  From history to videos, demos of battle routines and hands on time learning some scratching and beatmatching.   This will be a great workshop for anybody who wants to GET SOME SKILLS but likes a little bit less pressure than a private lesson.  Also, about half of the total time of the workshop will be demonstration and discussion, so even if you’re not musical or not interested in DJing yourself you will still get a ton of information about the culture and how it all works!  This is a very intimate class with no more than 10 students.  Check it out!

DJ Ridiculous mixes up a crash course in the art of DJing, beginning with a historical overview, equipment demos and terminology, then moving on to hands-on instruction behind the decks. Learn how to scratch, mix, and beatmatch and how to apply these skills to DJing in any genre of music. Turn your love of music into a fun, creative skill! Keating has been a DJ for 8 years, teacher for 2, and DJs for hip-hop group AK Slaughter and the rapper Bow N’ Arrow as well as modern dance and performance artists. Adv reg $50, $45 mbrs. Walk-in $60, $55 mbrs.

Creative Alliance Website


DJ QBert & Roc Raida Coming to Ottobar June 19th!

Qbert! Really illy.

Baltimore will be going back to school on Thursday night. DJ Qbert is probably the only DJ in the rather esoteric world of scratch DJs to get some serious name recognition outside of the hardcore DJ scene. Qbert’s been innovating since the early 90s and pushing scratch DJing to some extreme heights. Inventing countless scratches, new types of records for scratch DJs and working with equipment makers to produce all kinds of top quality DJ gear (slip mats, needles, signature mixers, turntables) Roc Raida of the X-ecutioners has always been one of my favorite DJs for his excellent style and sense of fun when DJing. He is easily one of the world’s flashiest DJ and has more tricks behind the decks than David Copperfield.

Recent videos of QBert performing looks like this show will probably be more of his usual style…meaning LOTS AND LOTS of totally awe-inspiring scratching at mind-numbing speeds. If you’ve never seen some serious scratching before it is definitely worth checking out at the Ottobar where you can grab a seat early in the evening ABOVE the stage and get a super great, bird’s eye view of the master’s hands at work. $15 also w/DJ Remedy and some sort of preshow MC Battle as well. Get tickets here.

A few innovations follow:

The QFO!!

The psychedelic scratch concept album turned animated musical acid trip known as….


Roc Raida Routine

QBert Interview from 2007




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