How to make MOOMBAHTON!

Hello all!

My name is DLake and this is my first post on the Ridiculous DJ blog site.  I’m a dj/producer/musician with a degree in Music Production and I’ve spent thousands of hours up really late tweaking songs and learning how to make cool blips and bleeps with my computer.  While I’m a seasoned and experienced DJ I pride myself more on the production, engineering, computer music side of the game.  I’ll let DJ AK handle the majority of the DJ related posts.

I just relocated down to Sydney, Australia to sort some things out with my Australian born wife (governments don’t play  nice) and It’s opened up a lot of unique opportunities for me.  One is that I get to DJ to a whole new audience and the other is that I get to start learning and teaching more about the technical side of the DJ and Production world.  Basically I am the Australia Liaison for the Ridiculous DJ brand… pretty awesome.

I do A LOT of googling and youtubing (is that even a word?!).  Basically if I want to find out how to make a cool sound or drum pattern or certain genre of music I just google is or find it on youtube.  As simple as that.  To me this seems simple, but to a lot of people starting out it can seem very overwhelming.  First, what do you actually google?  Yeah that’s always a tricky one… I won’t go into detail but basically you just need to start producing.  Start making your own bleeps and blips and read as many PDF manuals as possible.  Ableton live is a great program to start making music with as it has everything you need and there is a FREE 30 day trial version (fully functional) available on www.ableton.com.

With this tutorial let’s learn how to make a relatively new form of music called “Moombahton“.  Some quick history (via Wikipedia… I told you I google a lot, ha!) 

Moombahton is a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton that was created by American DJ and producer Dave Nada[2] (born David Villeagas) in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2010.[3] Musically, moombahton is essentially Dutch house or electro house at the tempo of reggaeton (usually 108- 112 beats per minute) with reggaeton influenced drum and percussion elements. Other features include “thick basslines, dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse, and quick drum fills.”[4]

Here is an example of an unreleased Moombahton remix that I just finished for Joe Hero featuring Lazer Libby [Parental Advisory Advised]

So now you are probably super excited to jump into it, have your version of Ableton live 8 Trial up and running on your computer and want to know how to make some Moombah correct? If so just head on over to this link (it’s a 5 part series that is very well documented) and get your Moombah fix! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyKcQpH4aGI

Hope that helps you get started  and til next time…



2 Responses to “How to make MOOMBAHTON!”

  1. 1 matthew
    July 14, 2012 at 11:24 am

    are use guys base in newcastle?

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