UPDATE: Numark NS7 looks sweet, plus Stanton’s DaScratch looks LAME!

The Numark NS7 got previewed a while back and is starting to get hands-on reviews from tradeshows etc.  Numark is aiming to be the best in the game for an all in one DJ rig. Hook the unit into a laptop and you are ready to roll.  It comes packed with the same Serato Itch software (previewed in earlier post) but the whole hardware is bigger and badder. The design philosophy is similar to vestax’s vci-300: there is a one to one relationship between the buttons on the hardware and the functions in the software.  The idea is to help the digital DJ get away from the computer screen and back to manipulating the music.

Check out this link for the hardware demo.  I’m especially impressed with the “timeline search” function, which I can see being an intuitive and super useful tool.  (DJs who use Serato in Relative mode with real turntables don’t really have an easy way to jump around a track without fiddling with their mousepad)


Even more impressive is the scratching in this video.  You can tell from the way that he is moving his hands and the way it sounds that Numark has got the feel JUST RIGHT!  I can’t wait to try one.  PSSL.Com has it going for $1300.  Ships on November 30th.

In other news Stanton also announced their DaScratch midi controller, which looks kindof DaLAME.  This thing looks like a toy and performs like a toy.  Although, its price ($250 on pssl.com) make it a pretty affordable and highly featured MIDI controller.  It is definitely not a “fully featured DJ controller” as they are trying to bill it.  Scratching on a touchpad will never be more than a gimmick and it shouldn’t have been included on this thing.  For use as a midi controller and for DJs who don’t do intensive mixing, it could work well.  Check out the video and judge for yourself.


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